Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Interesting Things I Have Done

One reason I'm decent at making up stories is that I never feel like I have all that many non-fiction stories of my own. I just tend to tell the same ones over and over. Here, then, is the definitive list of interesting things I have done, in no particular order.

Gone skinny dipping
Travelled across Europe.
Hitchhiked from Wales to London on a Sunday (this is hard!)
Taken a hot air balloon ride in Africa.
Gone to Summer camp.
Accidentally hit on a girl who was ten years younger than me.
Consistently dated way out of my league.
Started dating at 15.
Grown up with someone who is disabled.
Worked on film sets with movie stars.
Directed short films.
Produced short films.
Driven a cube truck in New York City.
Made out on top a 15th-century watch tower.
Watched a lot of movies.
Learned a lot about T.V.
Managed the Pioneer Theater on Manhattan's Lower East Side.
Travelled across this great land.
Never been to Mexico.
Lived in Ecuador.
Gone to an international school.
Fallen in love.
Learned to speak Spanish, mostly.
Bought a piece of art.
Eaten some really good ribs.
Made really good friends with my cousin.
Gotten a baby brother.
Written for a newspaper.
Written a movie script.
That's it.

updated 3/5/08