Monday, February 07, 2011

Internet Time Waste #22: Google Search Stories

Finally another of many ways to waste your own time on this, the internet.

Tonight's internet time waste: Google's surprisingly moving Search Stories.

I started this project because I had a folder full of internet time wasters and nothing to do with them. For some reason (possibly because as I write this in late January, I have been reading a lot of Homestuck), I decided to post the links in this folder reverse chronologically, with the sites I bookmarked most recently at the beginning and the sites I bookmarked the longest time ago in our distant future.

At this point, I'm posting something that even I remember getting overshared back when the first one came out. This is by no means a new way to waste your time on the internet - I'm actually slowly getting in to older and older ways.

It turns out, though, that most of these time wasting sites I bookmarked oh so long ago have aged pretty well. Like this, for example: Search Stories turned out to be pretty moving despite the fact that we are talking about basically a giant ad (maybe because this is a new medium for our modern age? Or something about a missing narrator? I dunno whatever not the point.)

The nice thing about posting a bunch of bookmarks that were no use to anybody, on this blog that I certainly wasn't using for anything for the last year or so, to an audience of nobody under headlines that already profess that everything contained therein is a waste of time: I am setting the notability bar pretty low.

Of course, I reserve the right to give up at any time.

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