Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Internet Time Waste #44: Fortune Cookie Chronicles

Finally, a new way to waste your time on the internet.

Tonight's internet time waste: Jennifer 8. Lee's The Fortune Cookie Chronicles.

Fortune Cookie Chronicles is one of those classic modern ideas - take something all Americans have some kind of relationship with (American Chinese food) pursue the idea to the ends of the Earth and then smear it across a plethora of mediums (book, blog, and upcoming documentary) like so much garlic sauce on so much stir-fried chicken.

Great, now I'm hungry.


Anonymous said...

wow you're alive. cool. i'm alive too but you won't but quickly googling me won't give you any results. -Liz in SA

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure why all americans have a relationship with chinese food. i think that's a blatant generalization. also, i'm not sure why you ignored my last comment, but c'est la vie. i don't want you to think i'm cyber stalking you.

togoh said...

and what's this book really about? :D