Friday, February 11, 2011

Internet Time Waste #31: Eliza Skinner

Finally, a unique way to waste time online.

Today's internet time waste: the fucked-up mind of Eliza Skinner.

We showed one of Eliza's videos at Iron Mule back in the day. I picked up the DVD from her and I was all implying she should be all excited to see her short in front of an audience and she was all "yeah, I did that motherfucker on STAGE, BITCH!!"

(I'm, uh, paraphrasing.)

And then she quit her day job and went pro, so, BOY. Egg on MY face, I tells ya.

At time of writing, Eliza's latest project is Nasty Cute, in which she writes inappropriate stream-of-consciousness captions for photos of animals, from the animals' perspectives.

Here's that particular short in that I may pique your curiosity:

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